Canada’s sober approach to marijuana legalization

Trudeau once again affirmed Canada’s desire to legalize in order to restrict access, not create a thriving industry. In a conference on Canada’s economic future in Toronto on Wednesday, Justin Trudeau was asked if legalizing marijuana will allow Canada to develop a thriving marijuana industry comparable to France’s wine industry. Despite hearty laughter from the

Balancing the extremes in the legalization debate

Creating a working template that will please the majority of Canadians requires compromise and pragmatism, not idealism and absolutes As the Canadian government begins to move towards implementing a regulated, commercial, adult cannabis market, the argument of what this system should look like has people from all sides of the argument seeking to stake their

MP Adam Vaughan on Toronto’s approach to dispensaries

  The city can do more to create regulations, and dispensaries need to be more willing to work with the city to make this happen, says Vaughan. Adam Vaughan is the the MP for Toronto’s Spadina—Fort York, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs, and has acted as a point man on legalization for the party on

On to the next one

After nearly four years with Lift Cannabis, I will be stepping down as of January 14. I began working with Lift’s founder, Tyler Sookochoff, in April 2014 with the intention of creating a strain review platform that helped patients navigate the new medical cannabis access program at the time, the MMPR. Because the MMPR only

Cannabis researcher appointed to Order of Canada

Cannabis researcher appointed to Order of Canada Dr Ernest Small is one of 125 new recipients of the honour this year A cannabis researcher is among 125 new appointments to the Order of Canada for 2017 from the Governor General. Dr Ernest Small, is a principal research scientist with the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture and

The Senate’s slow legalization debate

Bills C-45 and C-46 are currently at second reading in the Senate, after making their way through the House earlier this year. Bill C-46 entered the Senate on Nov 1 and C-45 on Nov 28. The debate around both bills in the Senate has been, so far, relatively limited, with a little less than three

Shopify cracking down on online Canadian cannabis seed stores

Several online seed retailers in Canada using Shopify to power their shopping cart/checkout system for online sales have received notice from the company Some Canadian cannabis seed sellers using Canada-based Shopify to power their payment systems online say they have recently received letters from the company asking them to demonstrate they are authorized to sell

Provinces can save time and money using online cannabis distribution systems

Building and managing warehouses and supporting infrastructure for cannabis distribution systems is not necessary in the digital age, says industry As provinces and territories are beginning to come up with distribution systems for legal cannabis, some industry advocates are saying these governments are still stuck in a previous century. Large, expensive warehouses and a layer

Legal cannabis market much larger than expected

Colin Firth teamed up with Oraclepoll Research earlier this year to survey 5000 Canadians about cannabis ahead of legalization The legal cannabis market in Canada is far bigger than expected, says one cannabis industry consultant, and he has the numbers to prove it. After seeing what he felt was a lack of solid data about