Month: April 2017

Busy time for Health Canada’s Office of Medical Cannabis

March and April were both busy months for Health Canada’s Office of Medical Cannabis, with five new licensed producers of medical cannabis added, and two new sales licenses being issued. In March, the regulator issued three new cultivation licenses to, Ontario’s Del Shen Therapeutics, BC’s Evergreen Medicinal Supply Inc. and Alberta’s Acreage Pharms Ltd. In

New Brunswick looking to establish new cannabis legalization committee

New Brunswick introduced a motion today to establish a “select committee” of the legislative assembly to look into the issues surrounding legalization. According to the government release, the committee will be made up of government members and official opposition members and will be looking at issues like the legal age for possession of cannabis, possession amounts, and personal cultivation. This

Vancouver begins listing unauthorized dispensaries

The City of Vancouver has added a list of over 50 dispensaries operating in the city without permission, noting they are “subject to enforcement.” In the past, the city has said enforcement can include ticketing, fines and, eventually, court injunctions. The city began issuing fines in April 2016 after a six month grace period, but has

Updated ACMPR Market Data

Health Canada has updated their Market Data to include figures through December 31, 2016 (Q3). It also includes the addition of information on personal cultivation licenses and a change in listing from “amount produced” to “amount released for sale.” These latter changes are said to reflect a more accurate account of how cannabis is managed

Health Canada provides update on post-pesticide-recall inspections

In response to recalls of cannabis products related to the use of unauthorized pesticides, Health Canada announced in February that they would begin conducting random product testing. They now say that, to date, they have conducted unannounced inspections of seven licensed producers of cannabis, collecting 43 random samples. According to Maryse Durette, Senior Media Relations

Sunset Beach Park to be closed for repairs after 4/20

The Vancouver Park Board announced today that they will close Sunset Beach Park for up to five weeks to allow the field to recover from The Vancouver 420 event in Sunset Beach, while a representative of the event says the Park Board is playing politics and being untruthful. The Park Board says they will be

Tobacco industry rep concerned by cannabis packaging rules

A tobacco company representative is calling for more strict packaging rules for legal cannabis, according to an article today in the Lobby Monitor (subscription required). Eric Gagnon, head of external and corporate affairs at Imperial Tobacco told the Monitor that he is concerned that the rules being discussed with the Liberal’s Cannabis Act, Bill C-45

Ontario approves prescription of cannabis by nurse practitioners

On April 19, 2017, the Ontario government approved regulations to allow nurse practitioners (NPs) to prescribe controlled substances, including cannabis. Participating nurse practitioners will be required to complete approved controlled substances education. Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) allow for ‘health care practitioners to issue medical documents for the use of

Results of oral drug screening pilot project expected soon

Public Safety Canada is expected to soon release the results of a recent pilot project testing the effectiveness of oral fluid drug screening devices for accurately detecting drug impairment. The pilot program, which took place from December 2016 to March 2017, tested two different roadside drug detection devices, the Alere DDS 2 and the Securetec DrugWipe 5S. These are both