Month: October 2017

Provinces can save time and money using online cannabis distribution systems

Building and managing warehouses and supporting infrastructure for cannabis distribution systems is not necessary in the digital age, says industry As provinces and territories are beginning to come up with distribution systems for legal cannabis, some industry advocates are saying these governments are still stuck in a previous century. Large, expensive warehouses and a layer

Legal cannabis market much larger than expected

Colin Firth teamed up with Oraclepoll Research earlier this year to survey 5000 Canadians about cannabis ahead of legalization The legal cannabis market in Canada is far bigger than expected, says one cannabis industry consultant, and he has the numbers to prove it. After seeing what he felt was a lack of solid data about

Scaling up: Small scale cannabis takes on a big greenhouse project

As the Canadian cannabis industry expands to meet growing demand, finding new production space can be a challenge for any licensed producer or applicant. But just finding space, by either using existing infrastructure or building a new facility, is only one part of the more complex challenge of learning how to scale up cannabis production

Getting around the genetics bottleneck

Supply issues are well known in Canada’s medical cannabis program. While there are no overall product shortages across the system, the nature of the program that effectively limits a customer’s ability to ‘shop around’ combined with limited product availability in terms of specific products has left many patients frustrated. While few producers ever run out

10,000 Canadians authorized to grow their own medical cannabis

Participation in Health Canada’s personal cannabis cultivation program continues to grow, even as many still wait several months for approval. In response to a request for an update from Lift, the regulator says that as of August 31 there were 10,547 Canadians registered either to grow their own cannabis or as designated growers for others,

Health Canada continues to ramp up cannabis licensing

Since late May, when Health Canada announced a change to their licensing process, thirteen new cultivation licences have been issued, and only one new sales licence. Because the time between getting a cultivation licence and getting a sales licences can be upwards of a year or more, it’s unlikely that many of these newly licensed

Victoria BC Mayor says no plans to ‘scrap’ dispensary bylaws

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps is saying the city has no plans to ‘scrap’ their dispensary bylaws in response to a recent Facebook post from cannabis activist Dana Larsen saying the city intends to do so. Larsen, who is seeking to generate attention for his own Sensible BC Candidate in the Vancouver City Council by-election this