On to the next one

After nearly four years with Lift Cannabis, I will be stepping down as of January 14.

I began working with Lift’s founder, Tyler Sookochoff, in April 2014 with the intention of creating a strain review platform that helped patients navigate the new medical cannabis access program at the time, the MMPR.

Because the MMPR only allowed for online sales, and patients would be buying products they could not see first, and because many accessing the legal medical cannabis regime were new to medical cannabis, we both felt that creating a platform for patients to learn from each other could help fill a gap in access and try to, in our small way, improve the existing medical cannabis system.

Over nearly four years now, I’ve seen Lift grow from a relatively small strain review platform, industry blog and forum discussion series into the most well-known and robust medical cannabis strain review platform in Canada (or frankly, anywhere), the launch of a successful Expo and events series, and one of the best sources for breaking and unique Canadian cannabis industry news.

Over the years, Lift has grown and changed, and I couldn’t be more proud. Helping to create a platform that can assist patients and stakeholders to stay better informed is a great feeling, and the conversations I’ve had with hundreds of patients, helping them navigate the medical cannabis system over the years, help affirm this. While there are still gaps in the system and problems with the regulations and the access they provide, I think Lift has gone a long way to do our part to fix what we can.

With all that said, I have decided to move on from Lift after nearly four years with the company as Communications Director and Editor in Chief of Lift Cannabis News, effective January 14, 2018 and beginning my role with the Government of Canada’s Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat as part of the Policy, Legalization and Regulatory Affairs Division on January 15. I look forward to working hard to help effect positive policy changes as Canada works towards this historic shift in cannabis policy.