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Health Committee begins posting written submissions in regard to Cannabis Act

The Standing Committee on Health has recently posted briefs provided to them in regard to their upcoming analysis of Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, the government’s marijuana legalization legislation. On August 9th, six briefs were posted on, three from private citizens, one from a hydroponics company, one from Ontario Public Health Association and one from

Agricultural ministers discuss cannabis legalization in annual meeting

Federal, provincial, and territorial ministers of agriculture concluded their annual conference recently, discussing numerous issues, including the pending legalization of cannabis in Canada. In addition to cannabis, the meeting, which took place on July 20 and 21, 2017 in St John`s, Newfoundland and Labrador, brought together agricultural ministers to discuss international trade, a new $1.2 billion Strategic Innovation

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association weighs in on legalization

Alberta, along with other provinces and territories in Canada, is undergoing the process of preparing for the legalization of cannabis in Canada, and municipalities within these provinces and territories also have questions and concerns in regard to legal marijuana. In Alberta, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) is one group helping cities to find these

Some say dispensary commercial shows double standard in cannabis industry

Advertising medical cannabis in Canada can be a challenge. One ad series running on a Canadian cable station, Joytv, has some marketing professionals in the cannabis industry scratching their heads, and is highlighting some of the challenges for cannabis producers, regulators and even media companies in navigating a confusing mix of rules for how medical

Enrollment in Canada’s personal cannabis cultivation program continues to grow

According to new information from Health Canada, as of June 16, 2017, there were 6,225 active registration certificates issued by Health Canada for individuals to produce a limited amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes. Of these 6,225 registrants, says a Health Canada representative, 5,760 individuals were registered to produce cannabis for their own

TPS on dispensary raids: “We will continue to enforce the law”

In the wake of the recent raids of the Canna Clinic chain in Project Lincoln, Lift had a chance to interview Mark Pugash, Toronto Police Director of Corporate Communications, to discuss Toronto Police Services (TPS) approach to prioritization of enforcement against dispensaries. The Project Lincoln raids took place starting on Thursday, June 22, with 80 employees

Responsible cannabis use starts in the home

As the bill to legalize marijuana in Canada makes its way through the legislative process, many Canadian parents say they have concerns about increased access to cannabis by kids and an increased attitude of permissiveness that comes with legalization. While one of the Liberal Government’s stated goals for legalization is to decrease access for kids,

Legal status of edibles uncertain under C-45

Although the Liberals have tabled legislation intended to make cannabis legal in Canada by July 2018, Health Canada says it has no intention of making edibles legal any time soon. The regulator says there are unique potential health risks associated with cannabis-infused edible products that have to be properly understood before they are made legal,

Standing Committee on Health begins discussion of C-45

The Standing Committee on Health passed a motion today to begin discussing Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, and hearing from witnesses the week of September 11-15, 2017. This is a week before the House is scheduled to return from summer break. The motion to sit the week prior to the House returning was brought forward